5 Things to Do the Day Before Your SAT

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Tomorrow's the Big Day! You've prepped, you've practiced, and now you're ready to go. You might be feeling nervous, anxious, and even a little excited to take a hack at your test tomorrow. Read on to learn what you can do the day before your SAT to be sure you're at your best.

1. Get Some Rest

Scientists have been warning us for ages that the teenage brain isn't at its best first thing in the morning, but unfortunately, that's right when you'll be showing up for your exam. What to do? Go to bed early -- or at least on time. When you're asleep, you're allowing your brain time to recover from today and prepare for tomorrow. Since you'll be up early, your best chance at meaningful rest is to hit the sack a little early. Lucky for you, people get their deepest sleep earlier in the night, which will carry you away to where you really need to be: REM sleep. REM sleep is particularly important for making patterns, improving comprehension, and solving tricky problems. Sound familiar? 

2. Unplug

We all know that endlessly scrolling Instagram late into the night isn't helping you get the rest you need, so just for today, give your phone a rest. A 2013 report from the American Academy of Pediatrics found that people between the ages of 8 and 18 spend about seven and a half hours every day looking at some kind of device. In other words, you could fly to Jamaica and back every day in the time you spend looking at your devices! While the impact of smartphones on our brains is something we'll be trying to unravel for years, we already know that all of that screen-time is not helping you sleep. Starting with the afternoon before your test, try taking a little technology-break in favor of some good old-fashioned leisure: read a book, get some exercise, or spend time with loved ones. You'll be surprised by how much a few hours away from the buzzing can help relax you.

3. Plan Ahead

The last thing you want to be doing on the morning of your test is searching frantically for your calculator while your mom honks the car horn at you from the driveway. Make sure you're cool and calm on test day by taking a few minutes on Friday afternoon to set aside your ID, admission ticket, calculator, and a few pencils. Throw in some extra batteries for your calculator and you'll be prepared for whatever your test day can throw at you. Just make sure you remember to put your neat little bundle in your bag in the morning! 

4. Fuel Up

Here at Monument City Tutoring, we're all about the snacks! Whatever your favorite snack is, make sure you pack some away for test day so you'll have something to look forward to on your break. Just remember to snack strategically: you want to skip the sugary snacks in your first break, so you won't be fighting through a sugar crash right when you're trying to get through the non-calculator math section (aka, our nightmare). The time to bust out the sugary snacks is in your second break, so you can ride that sugar high right through your final section... and then crash when you get home. 

5. Remember the Big Picture

No single test day has the power to make or break your future. We know that the stakes feel high right now, but keep in mind that one day you'll be off at college and this will all be a distant memory. No matter how tomorrow goes, it isn't the end: you have other opportunities to take this test, even if you're applying early to your dream school this fall. The important thing is that you show up, do your best, and have faith that your hard work will pay off.

And once you're done for the day? Go have some fun! You've earned it.

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