One-on-one tutoring

To keep things simple and affordable for our families, we offer all of our one-on-one services with our professional tutors at the same accessible hourly rate of $100. Our founders offer their services at the hourly rate of $150.


Test Prep

Whether you're looking for detailed, individual help after one of our classes, or just prefer to work alone, our expert tutors will give you everything you need to succeed on the big test. 

Academic Support

Struggling in Calculus? Can't tell a wig from a Whig? Are you having nightmares about your IB Extended Essay? We're here to help you through that problem class. We offer tutoring in Math, English, the Sciences, and Social Studies. Our tutors bring graduate level experience in their respective fields, and often have taught the relevant course themselves. Whether preparing for the AP test or working on skill development, we provide guidance and support.

She got a 26 on her June ACT score (BIG improvement!), and we were very excited for her... a HUGE thank you to you for helping her get her ACT up 7 points!!!
— Notre Dame Prep Parent

Small Group Tutoring

Sometimes one-on-one help is necessary, but in other circumstances it might make more practical and financial sense to work in a small group setting.

In order to provide the greatest educational and economic flexibility to our clients, we offer small group tutoring in addition to our individual approach. 






Want to book a larger group session? Looking for one tutor for your sextuplets? Flexibility is our priority, so give us a call and see what we can do for you.